17426141_1279667588792717_846492477927261249_nHello, friend! I’m Lucy, a 22 year old INFP from Manchester, England. I’m just about to graduate from the University of St Andrews with a degree in Theological Studies. My dissertation was pretty wild (spiritual themes in the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Elisabeth das Musical), and I spent way more time singing than focusing on my degree.

My passions are performing, Austrian and Bavarian history, and chocolate. I’m fascinated by a certain 19th century murder-suicide (Mayerling), and spend far too much time reading (and crying) about dead European and Russian royalty.

My reason for starting this blog was to help me on my road to recovery whilst battling with an eating disorder. I hope that in sharing my experiences, I will be able to help not only myself, but others. Additionally, it would be nice to have an outlet for my passion for theatre, travel, and history, and to record memories.

Also, Sachertorte is the way to my heart.